Thursday 5 July 2018


Final 9 Ball Wednesday 

Here's to the Wednesday 9 ball winners and all the teams who gave up their lives so they could get be there.

Congratulations Moonshine,  Sportsman Darkside and Hideaway for winning the respective 1st 2nd & 3rd places in the Red competition.:

Congratulations Country Road, Sportsman SOS and Crazy Breakers for winning the respective 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in the Blue competition;

Brilliant efforts and a great season.

Congratulations to all next place contenders, in no particular order, for an equally brilliant season pushing the boundaries and anyways being social.

And finally, congratulations everyone including our sponsors for a delightfully enjoyable season!

Here is the full table of results for round 14 Wednesday. See live web for any deep detail.
Here is the live web link to see more detail >> 

CUP Series 

The series starts next week. We found this graphic created by Macrovector -, but we still have not found a team to fill the bye on both nights after Am dropped out from Monday. 

Last Thursday we had a very successful draw at Hideaway  All Teams have also adopted a country so with the Finals format and that theme we are calling it the SSPL KEGS World CUP.  The  no-handicap, no seeding  model is aimed to get the whole league mixing and playing together.

All teams participating will all qualify in some form in one or the next class with a 3 week round robin played in groups. This is then followed by a semi where after everyone is re-ranked by class to they play a knockout in a neutral venue so the 2 left in each play off in a final at Sportsman and Breakers for respective Monday and Wednesday Cups.

KEGS is for fun to see who is best over all champion by class. Todd Guest, our CUP co-coordinator, has already posted the fixtures, the overview how it works and record of proceedings on the CUP Series Page


Our Sponsors

And lastly but never last please don't forget to our patient and generous sponsors. They need out business 

If anyone needs equipment don't forget Thailand Pool Tables have been so very generous with a significant sponsorship contribution this season. 

Our Hosting Sponsors:
Take a look at their What's on the Offer page

Social Facilities & Equipment

  • Club 15 has a fully equipped disco that can be booked for nightclub style parties.  
  • Sportsman has a fully equipped live lounge available for large events and shows. 
  • Sportsman supplies equipment, tables and re-clothing  Call Pao on 0804868465 

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