Sunday 1 July 2018

Round 13 Summer 2018 Catch up Results

Catch up Matches

Pre-final Round Catch up matches were all completed as gazetted this week. Two Wednesday matches, Hideaway vs Moonshine and Cool Frozen vs Dark side were also played ahead of schedule so these matches will be booked tomorrow as soon as round 14 is set on the CERROS scorers system

The experiment to schedule catch up weeks this season has been very successful too. It aims were two fold. 1. Reduced disruption by giving some certainty on a clear date with less anxiety when matches needed to be differed.  2. For the first time ever everyone had to be up to date before the last round begins.  That means everyone can conclude the season with a clear result next week, as it also looks like no play offs will be needed.

Aside Moderation and Tigra who sadly had to leave the competitions during the season, all those continuing completed all matches as scheduled. That maintains our almost perfect record of reciprocity since 2014 when SSPL was formed and later merged in other league teams almost 3 years ago into what we are today as a significantly vibrant pool community that just enjoys being.

The experiment to add teams mid season worked very well too and those teams even did catch-ups so scores could be equitable for the rest of us. Special thanks to Day and Night and Mexican for that.

It seems something to be proud that we can support each other so unconditionally. Well done everyone.

Here are the catch up results . Forfeits are shown for the record but are unchanged

Ladder Updated 

For the record here are the ladder rankings in each comp as of today. June 30 2018
please check these and advise any issues before noon on Monday.

Next Matches
Matches be played or results updated for round 14 next week are:

The Cup

The KEGS World Cup as we now call it was drawn on Thursday at a very successful night at Hideaway. The bye filler we should know for sure by tomorrow. Reto of Gents team will move to Spanky's We spoke to Lek and Siri who said hopefully they have a 2md  Spanky's teams for the series to take the bye draw.

Todd Guest, our cup coordinator, who also lead me (Gordon) thru how to use a microphone at the draw, will the let everyone know when the draft fixture now on the web can be printed.

You can take a peak now if you want. Most teams were there or sent reps, so they already know their outcome.

Our Sponsors

And lastly but never last please don't forget to our patient and generous sponsors. They need out business 

If anyone needs equipment don't forget Thailand Pool Tables have been so very generous with a significant sponsorship contribution this season. 

Our Hosting Sponsors:
Take a look at their What's on the Offer page

Social Facilities & Equipment

  • Club 15 has a fully equipped disco that can be booked for nightclub style parties.  
  • Sportsman has a fully equipped live lounge available for large events and shows. 
  • Sportsman supplies equipment, tables and re-clothing  Call Pao on 0804868465 

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